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Rudy’s most important winemaking tool is his palate: his ability to understand and analyze each vineyard’s wine potential through the tasting of the grapes. All of the grapes used in the von Strasser label are picked at their optimum ripeness when the flavors are peaking and the tannins have become ripe and soft.
Based on these harvest decisions, the correct combination of fermentation and winemaking techniques (including cold soaking, fermentation temperatures, extended maceration, aeration, and an aggressive barrel program) are employed to maximize each vineyard’s potential. The end result is wine of great extract and a tannin complex which is both huge and soft at the same time. The resultant mouth feel is often described as being “chewy”, and makes these hillside wines both approachable when young, yet also worthy of further development with age.



Calibrated for small lot fermentation, we have three distinct styles of wines. From vineyard designate Cabernet Sauvignon from Diamond Mountain to independently owned vineyards in Mendocino, all three styles are created with individuals philosophies.


Lava Vine

Calibrated for a smaller plot, we are able to find some exciting lesser-known varietals found right here in Calistoga, the greater Napa Valley, and the surrounding areas from Suisun Valley up to Mendocino County as well.

Von Strasser

Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  bottlings from through out the Diamond Mountain District Appellation, with a focus on vineyards that produce a wine of unparalleled intensity, concentration and extraction. These wines are by definition limited in production, and due to their concentration will continue to develop for years to come.

Reserve Wines

Our Reserve wine represent the pinnacle of our  viticultural and enological efforts, and are only created during exceptional vintage years. The von Strasser Reserve is an intensely structured Bordeaux blend. Our A’A Reserve wine is a unique blend each year that highlights our most premium barrels.