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Whether you are looking for a selection of wines to drink tonight or gems to put into your cellar, we have a club that suit your needs. Depending on your drinking pleasure, we offer 6 different types of clubs, including one which is even customizable to your exact needs. Each of these clubs gives you the benefits of the best available pricing, first access to our highly allocated wines, invitations to our winery events, and multiple other benefits.

Von Strasser ONE-CARAT Club

For the Cabernet Sauvignon lover, as a member of the ONE-CARAT Diamond Cartel club, you will receive one bottle of each von Strasser wine produced annually. These wines will all be Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux-varietal based wines. The club ships 4 times annually, with two or three bottles per shipment, depending on the vintage.

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Von Strasser TWO-CARAT Club

Want even more wine? This club was created for our collectors who can’t wait to pop the cork when their shipments arrive, but still wanted a bottle to put aside for later. This club is similar to the ONE-CARAT club, except each shipment will include two bottles of each wine: one for now and one for later

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Lava Vine MIXED-CASE Club

Lava Vine Winery has a history of producing a diverse portfolio of grape varietals from heritage vineyards. Members of this club will receive two shipments per year, spring and fall, which consist of a case of wine per shipment. This selection will allow you to enjoy almost everything produced by lava Vine: whites, rosé, and reds. Each shipment is sure to diversify your wine collection and open your eyes to the diverse terroirs, and new and exciting flavors.

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Lava Vine RED-ONLY Case Club

For those of you who only see red, this club is for you. Like the mixed-case club, members will receive two cases of wine per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Instead of whites and rosé, these cases will consist only of Lava Vine red wines, thereby giving you more depth and a slightly larger allocation of some of our most sought-after wines.

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Portfolio Club

Can’t decide on a label? Want to enjoy a bottle of Cabernet along with your Grenache? Then the Portfolio club is for you. As a portfolio club member, you will receive 3 shipments per year consisting of 6 bottles per shipment. Each shipment will feature an exciting mix of BOTH labels. This is a great way to diversify your collection and enjoy the best of the von Strasser Family of Wines.

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Marquis Club

This is a concierge-based club designed for the serious collector. Rather than a set shipment as most clubs have, Marquis Club members get to put together their own shipment with the help of a their personal winery representative. Shipments start at two cases of wine twice per year, with a minimum value per shipment of $1,300.Marquis members get additional benefits to the normal Diamond Cartel benefits. Please let us know if you would like to be contacted about this club, and we would be happy to fill you in on all the details; click here

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Membership Privileges:

15% discount on all wines in each club shipment

15% discount of all wines re-ordered within 1 month of a club shipment

Priority allocation to all limited production wines

Complimentary tours/tastings for you and up to 3 guests twice per year

Invitations to private, member-only events

Priority reservations to our private picnic ground at the winery

No membership fee, no cancellation fee after the second shipment.

By joinging our this club you agree to the following: All club shipment charges will be automatically charged to your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Initial membership must be maintained a minimum of two shipments and may be cancelled anytime thereafter in writing. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt of notice. Returned shipments, as a result of an incorrect address or marked as undeliverable, will be re-shipped at the member’s request, plus additional shipping charges. I am at least 21 years of age and understand that someone 21 or over must be available to sign for each shipment. I understand that I will continue to receive shipments until I cancel my subscription in writing.

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