Introducing the Senses Series

February 12, 2019

Greetings and a very happy New Year from all of us here at von Strasser family of wines!

We are proud to announce our newest of tasting options. Our “Senses Series” is a four-part tasting experience; an addition and enhancement to our already stellar Diamond Mountain and custom experiences. This series will give our members and guests an opportunity to attend a 90 minute immersive experience unlike any other you have participated in before. Each of these immersive tastings will provide an in-depth look behind the scenes, highlighting the elements that bring a world class bottle of wine from soil to glass.

Premiering March 1st, 2019:

Our first installment of the series presents “A sense of Place” – $75 per person

An upgrade to our beloved Diamond Mountain experience, a sense of place will focus on one of the most unique and acclaimed wine appellations in the world. A library tasting of von Strasser’s highly awarded single vineyard cabernets and prized Bordeaux blends will be featured as we examine the history, terroir, vineyard characteristics and farming practices that contribute to these legendary bottlings.


May 1st, 2019

“A sense of Self” – $125 (*price included Riedel Stemware)

In partnership with Riedel stemware, we will explore the interaction between wine and glass and consider the benefits of learning to drink wine critically. As we taste across a broad spectrum of varietals we will deconstruct each wine’s unique characteristics through visual, aromatic, and palette expression. Also considered is style, growing regions, vintage, clones, and flaws. Capping the second installment of the series is a chocolate or cheese pairing challenge. Don’t forget your included quartet of Riedel stemware to enhance your enjoyment at home!


July 1st, 2019

“A sense of Time” – $75 per person

For all our “Dusty bottle” fans: this one’s for you! A library tasting across six different vintages will allow us to consider aged wine characteristics, cellar requirements and development, making smart purchase choices, and finding that perfect bottle for your palette. We will examine the influence of large format, and of course, provide an exclusive opportunity to cherry pick our library for outstanding and personally curated selections.


September 1st, 2019 “A sense of Style” – $75 per person

There is never a more fun time to visit the Napa Valley than harvest. At von Strasser family of wines we love providing our members and guests with an interactive experience. Come and taste grapes straight from the vine while we take a tour of the crush pad and wine making facilities. In the final installment of the “Senses Series” we present an exciting examination of “New World” and “Old World” winemaking. As we enjoy a comparative tasting of Bordeaux varietals (Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot) we will discuss the influence of tradition, regional growing laws, barrel choices, and blending decisions.  We will conclude with a side by side tasting of a blended barrel sample and a finished wine to showcase technique and maturation.


The “Senses Series” will be available every Friday and Saturday beginning promptly at 10 am and 1:30 pm by advance appointment only. Reservations are limited (8 to 10 people max) and are filling up quickly so book your “Senses” experience today. Due to the intimate and interactive nature of this experience, the “Senses Series” will be reserved for participating guests of 21 years of age or older. We kindly ask that all guests not participating, including minors, children, infants and pets do not attend.




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